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Common FAQs

Yes, we take daily backup and keep a history of 20 days. Partial restore is OK.

Yes! However if you downgrade: do not to downgrade under your current usage.
Because the CPU usage (computing power) is also included in the bandwidth usage. You can always buy more bandwidth: at the end of your billing cycle, we will credit any unused bandwidth amount.
Yes, and it will not go to waste: at the end of your billing cycle, we will credit any unused bandwidth amount.
Sure, we can review your usage once a month: simply open a ticket and we will gladly help you lower your usage.
Paypal or Bank Transfer. If you really want to pay by cheque please pick Bank Transfer and open a ticket. πŸ˜•
If you want to pay using another payment method: open a ticket, we might add it!
Yes it is. We can give you the PCI compliance certificate for a fee: you can purchase it as an addon to your hosting.

You can~ only if you buy an Instance Support plan: we will then build your instance specifically to your needs. We have stricter terms than Amazon AWS® Acceptable Use Policy, but be sure to read them before.

Please see the VPS page about this.
Yes and we will do this for free: just open a ticket after your purchase. We also migrate emails !
Sure: we can refund you within 30 days of your purchase or renewal (shared hosting only). Check our Terms. We value your feedback: if there is anything we can improve on please open a ticket.
Yes: the PHP problem has to be related to an error, or speed of execution.
Because we are busy making our customers happy. πŸ˜…
No: wannabe resellers can either resell our shared hosting plans, or buy instance support plans.
Most companies nowadays are Limited: meaning that their corporate entity is limited to the amount of capital given by the shareholders. An Unlimited company is a company with no limit of capital: they are safer & managed better than limited companies. ✌️